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You can brew coffee at home that is as good as any cafe's.

First, let's start with the basics:


At Color we work diligently to ensure the best possible experience for home brewers.  Under roasted (too light) coffee can be hard to brew at home and can often taste grassy and/or sour.  Over roasted (too dark) can mask the origin flavors and introduce roasty, smoky, or ashy flavors to the finished product.  We work hard to find the sweet spot (pun intended).


The next piece of the puzzle is finding a proper coffee grinder. Fresh ground coffee is the first step to better coffee.  Ensure you are using a 'burr' grinder and not a 'blade grinder.  These should only be used for herbs, spices, or anything else Alton Brown recommends.  You can purchase a burr grinder from us on our brewing equipment page.


Scales are essential.  Unless you're a super hero or Snoop Dog, you're going to need a scale.  These are the only way to accurately and consistently measure the water and coffee.  Without this knowledge, you will not be able to maintain the proper ratio of water to coffee.  Scales can be found for cheap.  We sell them in our store for $40.  If treated with respect and love they will last for years.  I've been using the same scale at home for 5 years running.


Next we can move on to brewing methods.  There are an abundance of them out there but we are only going to focus on the ones that we love and use frequently at home and on our coffee bar.  For home brewing we love these methods because they are consistent, easy to clean, taste delicious, and are affordable for all coffee drinkers.  (Espresso is the one exception to these attributes, can get pricey quick and can be a lot of work to maintain)

Please click through for specifics:

The Aeropress

Hario V60 (pour over)

Bee-house (pour over)

Auto Drip (Bonavita)

French Press



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