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Hario V60

Our beloved V60.  Oh how many sweet and juicy cups we've enjoyed via this cone shaped gadget...too many to count!  The success is the result of a combination of factors: the cone shape, the ridges on the inside of the cone, the filters, the large hole at the bottom, and the size.  All seem to be just right for creating sweet and bright extractions.

We like using a 1:16 (coffee:water) to a 1:17 (coffee:water) ratio for this brewing method.  We vary this depending on the coffee.  If you like a stronger cup, go with the 1:16.  If you like a little more extraction and complexity, go for the 1:17.

As for the dose (amount of ground coffee), we like using 21-23 grams.  We find this to be the sweet spot.  You could certainly use as little as 15 grams and as much as 30 grams, but you won't get the same cup quality.

You will need:

Here is our method:

1.  Weigh and Grind out 22 grams of coffee on a fine setting (A little finer than auto drip)

2. Rinse the filter and preheat the cone (at altitude the preheat step is especially important).  Dispose of rinse water.

3. Dose the ground coffee in the filter cone and settle until flat

4. Start timer and pour 40-50 grams of water right of the boil on to the bed

5. Stir like a banshee to get all of the coffee wet

6. After 25 seconds, start your pour.  Focus on wetting everything evenly.  Spiral in and out and ensure that the stream is falling vertically.   Don't get hypnotized! Make sure you are hitting the coffee and not pouring the stream down the side of the filter too.  Become one with the kettle.

7. When you hit 300g of water, let some water drain through and chill for about 15 seconds.  

8. Finish your pour.  Target water weight is 374 for a 1:17 and 352 for a 1:16 brew.  

9.  Create a delicate vortex with your spoon by spinning along the sides.  The vortex will ensure that all of the coffee falls evenly to the bed and is extracted.  The fines will also stick to the filter wall (Less bitterness!).  

10. Once all of the water has passed through, remove the filter and cone.  Compost or dispose of the filter + coffee. 

11.  Enjoy!

Total brew time should be 2:30 to 3:00 Minutes.  If the coffee drains through too fast, make your grind finer.  If it takes too long, make your grind courser.  Certain coffees will need different brew times.  In general, the darker the coffee, the less brew time you will need.  Lighter coffees need more contact time because they are less soluble (extractable).

*Bonus points: During the vortex, life the cone off the vessel and gently drop it straight down.  Do it again.  This will flatten the bed even more.  This will ensure an even extraction.  


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