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The Aeropress

We love this little contraption.  It's not the most glamorous brewing method but boy does it brew some tasty coffee!  It kind of reminds me of a coffee syringe.  A syringe that pumps out some full bodied and clean tasting cups!  

One cool thing about the Aeropress is that you can use different kinds of filters.  We prefer the paper filtered brews, but you can find metal filters that are reusable and produce cups with a different character and more oils.  You can even try cutting V60 filters and using those too.  The possibilities are endless.  

Finally, we like the Aeropress because it brews well at altitude.  Being up the mountains, we have a hard time getting the water as hot as we would prefer.  With the aeropress, the slurry (coffee + water) stays really hot throughout the process because it is well contained.  This allows for extraction of some of those higher fruitier notes, which we crave.  

Here is a basic method for brewing repeatable and delicious cups:

1. Place your filter in the filter cap.  If using paper, rinse the filter for at least ten seconds under the cold tap.

2. Weigh out 14 grams of finely ground Color Coffee.  (Slightly finer than drip coffee) 

3. Place your Aeropress on top of a vessel (ie. a pint glass, a range server, your cup, etc) and place it on your scale and hit tare.  

4. Start your timer and pour 200 grams of water right off the boil, on the coffee 

5.  After the pour, immediately place the plunger into the top of the aeropress so that the water doesn't drain through.  The trick is to push as little coffee through and just have it be in there to prevent water from dripping through.

6. Once the time has reached 1 minute, take the top off and stir 3 times with either the aeropress stir stick or one of the bamboo sticks.  It's important to be consistent with your stirs as it will greatly affect the flavor and strength.  We like a clock wise stir.  You can also try a front to back stir. 

7. Then place the plunger into the aeropress and gently press the contents into your vessel.

8. Enjoy!

(Video coming soon...)


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