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The Unique Characteristics of Yemen Matari:

The Unique Characteristics of Yemen Matari:

Yemen, an Arab country located in western Asia, has a rich history and a deep connection to coffee. Despite facing numerous challenges, including ongoing conflicts and food insecurity, the Yemeni agricultural sector has managed to increase its coffee production in recent years. Today, we're excited to introduce you to a truly exceptional coffee from YemenYemen Matari.

The Unique Characteristics of Yemen Matari:
Matari is a rare coffee from the high-altitude growing regions surrounding Sana'a, the capital of Yemen. Unlike other coffees from this area that are often mixed to form "Sana'ani coffee," Matari is kept separate, showcasing its unique qualities. The coffee trees in Bani Matari are tall and old, resembling fruit orchards rather than typical coffee farms.

Sourcing and Processing:
This particular lot of Yemen Matari was secured through Fatoum Muslot, who took over her family's coffee business in the 1950s. Under Fatoum's management, the group has implemented stricter hand sorting and the use of Ecotact storage bags to enhance the overall quality of their coffee. The Muslot family's long-standing relationships with farming groups in various growing regions enable them to purchase coffee more directly.

The Yemen Matari lot is composed of coffee from approximately 100 farmers in Bani Matari, each with an average of 1000 trees planted on less than 1/2 hectare of land. The altitude is remarkably high, ranging from 2000 to 2400 meters above sea level.

Flavor Profile:
This year's Yemen Matari lot is exceptionally complex, featuring a captivating mix of spice and dried fruit notes intertwined with malty flavors and hints of cocoa. The high altitude contributes to the coffee's structured profile, resulting in a wild and exciting cup. When savoring Yemen Matari, you can expect to discover notes of barley malt, toasted grains, rustic cocoa, dried apricot, anise, cumin, Middle Eastern spice mix, tobacco, and more.

The Challenges Faced by Yemeni Coffee Farmers:
While the Yemen Matari lot showcases the incredible potential of Yemeni coffee, it's essential to acknowledge the challenges faced by coffee farmers in the country. Yemen has been grappling with food insecurity, lack of access to basic necessities, and an ongoing war that has lasted for eight years. Despite these difficulties, Yemeni coffee farmers have persevered and continued to produce exceptional coffee.

Supporting Yemeni Coffee:
Many national companies have played a crucial role in supporting Yemeni coffee farmers by purchasing their products and seeking out international buyers. However, due to the risks associated with importing from Yemen and concerns about meeting delivery deadlines, some companies have been hesitant to work with Yemeni coffee exporters. By choosing to purchase and enjoy Yemen Matari, you are not only treating yourself to an extraordinary coffee experience but also supporting the resilient farmers who continue to produce outstanding coffee in the face of adversity.

Yemen Matari is a testament to the skill, dedication, and resilience of Yemeni coffee farmers. Despite the numerous challenges they face, these farmers have managed to produce a truly exceptional coffee with its complex flavor profile. We invite you to experience the magic of Yemen Matari and join us in supporting the Yemeni coffee community.
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