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Color Roasters

Color Coffee Roasters is the culmination of years of obsession, backyard tinkering, and the desire to spread the gospel of great coffee.

Color Flag Ship Store & Roastery: Located in beautiful Eagle, Colorado.

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color coffee fuels our community

We at Color Coffee love the mountains and love coffee. To that end, we've partnered with some amazing individuals that share these same core values. The following are our Brand Ambassadors. Athletes, artists, and photographers focused on progression, community, and coffee. Give them a follow and see what they're up to! They'll be posting Color Coffee content regularly and we couldn't be more proud to be the fuel for their adventures.

meet the color ambassadors

Sam Reichstein and family

Sam Reichstein - Snowboarder, Eagle, Colorado

Head snowboard instructor at Beaver Creek Resort. Mtn Biking. Dad. Oz > Eagle.

Brian Kerl at the top of the snow covered mountains

Bryan Kerl - Trail Runner, Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City based Ultra Runner. Coffee Pro. 1st Place Behind the Rocks 50k 2021!

Struggle determines success. Be in love with the process.

Jon Harrison outdoors in winter selfie

Jon Harrison - Trail Runner, Eagle, Colorado

After some spurts of using the @eaglevalleyrunningcollective account over the past couple of years, I’ve decided it now requires a more fitting name: @jon.r.harrison Same ole guy, same ole story: just me trying to encourage people to get out exploring. The ‘collective’ objective remains the same, as we’re all in this together. Whether you’re slow or fast, novice or not, white or brown, man or woman, run daily or annually, a shit-talker or a high-fiver, you won’t be running alone.

Genevieve Yeakel at Color Coffee

Genevieve Yeakel - Mountain Athlete, Eagle, Colorado

One Day Cross Country Skiing - It’s all uphill. Breathing hard. I think of stopping; taking a little break to let the me from 8 months ago catch up, the me that was 40lbs heavier and 100% more pregnant. But I don’t pause tonight. I keep going. Up, up, up. All positivity from here to there, from here to anywhere. The air in my lungs, the sweat between my shoulder blades, the lactic acid in my legs, the silence of the night, the wind picking up: these are all joy to me. Where have you found your joy today?

Karen Jarchow in the car with her dog

Karen Jarchow - Mountain Biker, Eagle, Colorado

Weekend warrior 🖤 just means that every moment on my bike charges my love tank stronger than ever before.

Growth to me is remaining open to new possibilities no matter what I’ve collected in past experiences. To not close myself off, harden, or push doors open that feel stuck... but to be able to take a deep breath, listen to my intuition and continue to open myself to new possibilities, perspectives, and connections... One day at a time.

I love what Charlie has created, his vision and the inspiring crew he attracts. Most importantly, I love this community and partnering with businesses that weave all of us together is a no brainer. Their Harmony blend has been on repeat as I pretend to be an at home barista, but I have yet to try a bean I do not love.

Adam Bybliw selfie

Adam Bybliw - Trail Runner, Eagle / Vail, Colorado

Running can take you to views you won't see any other way. Some are right outside your front door, some are at the top of a mountain. Using your own two feet is such a beautiful way to get out, move, and experience your surroundings. Whether you are just seeing a new part of your neighborhood for the first time, or climbing a mountain on a vacation- the experience of running there is like no other.

Completely humbled and honored to partner with COLOR Coffee Roasters. The vibrant company and community they have built in these Rocky Mountains resonates to my core.

Lucie Hanes rock climbing

Lucie Hanes - Climber / Runner, Eagle, Colorado

Climber and footsporting enthusiast. Setter + coach at @eagleclimbing. Occasional artist and fond of good wordplay.

Things I love about long trail days: sunshine, cool breezes, squishy singletrack under a canopy of trees, peanut butter stuffed dates, meditation, and my goofy visor. Gratitude every damn day.

Sullivan Cohen Barista at Color Coffee

Sullivan Cohen - Climber / Cortado Artist, Boulder, Colorado

Trying to live my best alternative milk life. Home barista and coffee consultant. I like little espresso drinks!

Cece Williams looking out at the Rockies

Cece Williams - Runner + Yogi, Vail, Colorado

Embracing the bad. Cherishing the good. Damn, I’m grateful for it all.

Cece Williams looking out at the Rockies

Yvonne Schwartz - Yoga Instructor / Studio Owner, Eagle, Colorado

As we start the process of coming out of a year full of twists, turns, and challenges I invite you to take some time for yourself to breathe, process, meditate, so that we can all begin the process of moving forward. Let’s celebrate spring with new growth and rebirth.

Cece Williams looking out at the Rockies

Kirstie Lovelace - Yogi, Eagle, Colorado

Do what’s right for you. Do it over and over again. Lean into the light. Keep going even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. Do not let doubt stop you. Trust the process even when your mood is low.

Let growth be your mission.
Let healing be your reward.
Let freedom be your goal.

So excited to be a part of the @colorroasters ambassador crew!! Love this place so much! Vegan foods, good brews of all sorts and great people!

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