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Color Coffee Roasters is the culmination of years of obsession, backyard tinkering, and the desire to spread the gospel of great coffee.

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Colombia Finca La Casita Chiroso

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La Casita Chiroso captivates with its exotic and clean flavors. Expect bright notes of pineapple, delicate orange blossom, sweet cane sugar, and a delightful apricot/peach character. This coffee is bright and articulate, showcasing the unique characteristics of the Chiroso variety. 



ORIGIN: Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia
PRODUCER: Barrantes Zuñiga
VARIETY: Typica, Villa Sarchi, Catuai, Victoria
ELEVATION: 2100 masl
PROCESS: Fully washed
TASTING NOTES: Orange blossom, sweet cane sugar, and a delightful apricot/peach character.

Farm Level

The Farm:

Finca La Casita is a true labor of love, managed by second-generation coffee grower David Berrio. The farm spans 1.5 hectares of land, perched at an impressive elevation of 2,100 meters above sea level. With over 5,000 coffee trees dedicated solely to the highly sought-after Chiroso variety, David's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of his operation.


Processing coffee at Finca La Casita is no easy feat, as the farm is located far from the family home where the wet-mill is situated. Harvested cherries are picked and left in sacks for two days before being transported by horse to the main road, and then by car to the house – a journey that can take a couple of hours or more. Once at the wet-mill, the coffee is de-pulped and left in a stainless steel tank for five days, covered with just enough water. The drying process takes between 8-12 days and is carried out in a traditional Colombian dryer called a "casa helda."

The Story:

David's passion for specialty coffee was ignited by his brother-in-law, who taught him the intricacies of plant care and fermentation management. The farm, originally purchased by David's grandfather 15 years ago, was inherited by his father and is now a family affair. While the family lives in another community closer to town, they all work together to ensure the success of Finca La Casita.

In addition to the exceptional Chiroso coffee, the farm also boasts avocados, bananas, and plantains, which provide shade for the coffee plants. We're thrilled to see the positive impact that the high prices David receives for his lots have on his life, as he is currently building his own house with the profits from coffee production.

Brewing great coffee at home can be easy.  The essential tools are critical to making it happen.  They include:
  • Filtered water.  Spring water is ideal.  Removing chloride, sulfur, and iron is essential.
  • A burr grinder.  The more even the coffee particles, the better the coffee.  Burr grinders, whether manual or electric, will do a better job than "whirly-blade" grinders.  Invest in a burr grinder.  Your taste buds (and coffee roaster) will thank you.
  • A scale.  I know using a scale can seem a bit like you're doing something you shouldn't be.  Trust me, you can only brew consistently great coffee with a scale.  Water and coffee are hard to measure without one.
  • Clean equipment.  Properly cleaning your equipment is the only way to avoid stale and rancid coffee flavors entering your cup.  Please keep your equipment clean.  The sooner and more often you clean your gear, the easier it will be in the long run.  Add it to your ritual and thank us later.
  • Delicious and freshly roasted Color Coffee
Now that you have the tools, the rest is easy.  There are infinite numbers of ways to brew coffee.  Here are some of our favorites, with links to coffee professionals who we admire and trust:


In many cases, yes. However, our first priority is quality and flavor. Sometimes these priorities align and our producers are certified organic and/or fair trade. We always pay well above fair trade rates (which are quite low and don’t guarantee sustainability or quality).

Often times, the producers we work with are too small to gain certifications. It’s expensive and laborious. Many of our producers are certified organic and fair trade, including many of our producers in Peru, Ethiopia, and Mexico.


We recommend drinking our coffee within one month of the roast date. Most of our coffees taste best however within 2 - 14 days of roast date.

For espresso, we recommend using coffee that has rested at least 7 days after roast date. This is because coffee gives off CO2 after roasting that can interfere with extraction. One way to get around this is to let your ground espresso dose sit for 30-120 minutes before pulling the shot. Email for more questions about this.

If you are pre-grinding the coffee, we recommend drinking the coffee within one week of grinding.


Yes, we can. Please select how you want your coffee to be ground at the time you place your order. Simply click on the arrow beside "Grind" and make your selection. If you need help choosing let us know the brewing method you will be using to prepare the coffee, in the notes of the order. And we will be happy to grind the coffee for you on our commercial grinder.


These are in the works! We are compiling a bunch and even shooting some video, to help you brew like us at home.

In the meantime...go here: Pour Overs Aeropress to get some expert advice.


A weak brew could the result of a couple things.  First of all, you want to make sure you're using the proper amount of water and coffee.  If you use too much water or not enough coffee, you won't be able to get the strength you need.  A digital scale will ensure you can get the measurements right.  Start with 1 gram of coffee to 16 grams of water and adjust to taste!
The second problem could be a grind size that is too course.  If the coffee bits are too big, you won't be able to pull enough flavor out and the brew will taste weak.  In general for drip coffee, the grind size should be the size of beach sand.  You can also use the brew time to help judge if you're grind is correct.  Most brewing methods should take between 3 and 5 minutes.  If it's going faster than this, it's likely your grind size isn't fine enough.  Grind finer and taste it!
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