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Color Coffee Roasters is the culmination of years of obsession, backyard tinkering, and the desire to spread the gospel of great coffee.

Color Flag Ship Store & Roastery: Located in beautiful Eagle, Colorado.

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Brew Like Us: Brewing Amazing Coffee on The Aeropress

Brew Like Us: Brewing Amazing Coffee on The Aeropress

Next up in our Brew Guide series is The Aeropress. This brewing device gained popularity several years ago after being released by the same company that developed the Frisbee. Once the specialty coffee world discovered the potential behind this amazing brewer the flood gates opened. We love this brewer for several reasons:  ease of use, durability, and most importantly the many different ways you can make great coffee. There isn't just one way one can make great coffee, there are many different techniques. Case in point, the many Aeropress competitions that dot the globe, where each winner brews with a different recipe.  It really is one of the most clever brewing devices we've come across.
While there are many ways to brew great coffee on the Aeropress, we do have a favorite at Color.  Based on ease of technique, repeatability, and results, the following is our favorite way to brew coffee with the Aeropress.


Things you'll need:
Filters (The stock paper filters are great.  We also like Able's Fine holed metal filter)
Scale (to measure the coffee and water)
Burr Grinder (Uniform grind size is key to a clean and even brew)
Kettle (Gooseneck kettle will allow for the most control)
Fresh roasted Color Coffee
Fresh Filtered or Bottled Spring Water
A Timer
A Mug or Server

Step by Step:
1. Rinse the paper filter with running water from the faucet. This is critical to getting rid of the papery taste from the filters.  

2. Use 13 grams of freshly ground fine filter coffee.  A bit finer that you would use for drip coffee.  

3. Lock the filter onto the tube and place brewer on mug or server.  Put coffee on top of the filter in the tube.

4. Pour 200g of water right off the boil onto the coffee.


5.  Give it a stir to incorporate water and coffee.

6.  Place the plunger on the Aeropress in order to prevent the water from draining through the filter. This will create a seal.  

7.  After 60 seconds, take out plunger and stir gently.

8.  The place the plunger back in and press down gently with your body weight into a cup or server.  This step should take about 20-40 seconds.  

9.  Enjoy!


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