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Color Roasters

Color Coffee Roasters is the culmination of years of obsession, backyard tinkering, and the desire to spread the gospel of great coffee.

Color Flag Ship Store & Roastery: Located in beautiful Eagle, Colorado.

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NEW Espresso Blend!

NEW Espresso Blend!

I want to introduce you to our new Espresso Blend. Over the years, we've been so satisfied with Primary, our versatile blend. As we grow, I saw the need to add a new approach to espresso blending. We'll still be roasting Primary for sure, but I wanted to offer another blend to compliment it. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to go about this. Luckily I had some help from some of you out there, who were craving a bit more fruit in their cup. I didn't want to overwhelm with fruit, or provide a fermenty/funky profile, but offer the right amount of fruit to accent the espresso in a positive way. We set out on an espresso quest! Tasting and refining, adapting and adjusting.

The result is Harmony: Our Espresso Blend. A new year-round blend, featuring only fresh harvest coffees. Intended to be a harmonious balance of ripe clean fruit and chocolaty sweetness. We blend a washed Latin American coffee and a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee to create something beautiful. The right amount of roast, body, and brightness. Easy to work with and serve. Currently, the blend is majority Guatemala Poaquil and accented by our stunning Ethiopia Bensa Kokosa Natural.

How to work with it you ask? While the coffee is forgiving and will taste lovely across a spectrum of brew specifications, we do have a sweet spot here at Color HQ. Keep in mind, we have professional equipment that is well maintained and filtered Rocky Mountain Spring Water. Your results may vary based on equipment, altitude, and technique. Always remember to clean your equipment diligently for the best flavor. Our parameters at the shop. 18g in, 30 Seconds, 45 grams out. Juicy, soft, and round. You can stop the shot a little shorter for more body and density (38 - 40 grams) or let it run longer for more juiciness and complexity. Cheers and happy brewing!

Email: for any brewing recommendations!

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