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Color Roasters

Color Coffee Roasters is the culmination of years of obsession, backyard tinkering, and the desire to spread the gospel of great coffee.

Color Flag Ship Store & Roastery: Located in beautiful Eagle, Colorado.

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Pour Over Coffee the Way We Do It!

Pour Over Coffee the Way We Do It!

make your pour over coffee like us

We are continually working to improve our product and product offerings as well as bring interesting and relevant information about coffee and all things Color to you. We want you to drink amazing coffee (always), and part of that is learning to brew like us at home. As a result, we’ve crafted some easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, with pro tips and equipment lists, of various brewing methods, to help take the mystery and complexity out of brewing great coffee at home. You’re like a Barista in training. The first “Brew Like Us” guide is Brewing the Perfect Pour Over Coffee.

Class is now in session…


Things you'll need:
V60 (Plastic will retain the most heat in the brew)
Filters (Hario's Specific V60 filters will work the best)
Scale (to measure the coffee and water)
Burr Grinder (Uniform grind size is key to a clean and even brew)
Kettle (Gooseneck kettle will allow for the most control)
Fresh roasted Color Coffee
Fresh Filtered or Bottled Spring Water
A Timer
A Mug or Server

color coffee beans on a scale for pour over coffee

Step by Step:
1. Bring water to a boil

2. Grind 22 grams of Color Coffee (The finer side of drip.  We can adjust this after the first brew, but we'll start with a quite fine filter size.  On my Baratza Home Virtuoso Grinder, it's a 15).

3. Rinse v60 paper filter with boiling water.  This is to heat the brewer and rinse the papery taste out of the filter so it doesn't make it into the final cup).

4.   Discard rinse water and assemble V60 on top of mug or server onto of scale.

5.  Put 22 grams of coffee in V60.  Shake to settle.  Tare scale.

6.  Using water right off the boil, start timer and pour 70 grams of water onto the

7.  Shake the brewer with a gentle spin. The goal is to make sure everything gets wet with the pre-wet water.

8.  Wait 45 seconds. Take a deep breath, enjoy the aromas.

9.  Pouring fast and evenly, pour concentric circles onto the coffee.  Pour until the water reaches the top of the brewer with a final target water of 360 grams of water. The goal is to keep the water high at the top until you hit the final water weight. You should be done pouring by 1:30-ish.

10. Wait 10 seconds to let the water drain down to 1 inch of the top.  Grab the V60 and shake to spin the grounds off the side.  We don't want to leave any grounds sticking to the side of the filter as they won't be extracted fully.  

11.  Final brew time should be between 2:45 - 3:45 minutes. Adjust grind size if you're out of this range. Finer if the brew is too fast, Courser if the brew is too slow.

12.  The bed should be flat and even with no obvious holes or mountains. You can
control this by the gentle even final spin on the brewer.

12.  Stir after brewing and enjoy! The coffee should be sweet, full, smooth, and fresh!

pour over coffee filter and scale


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